Price of Basic Version

This compressor booster unit can be ordered from our company

Due to the stronger movement of the USD / EUR exchange rate, the USD price was adjusted.

Altaros Air Solutions s.r.o. on email .

Price include VAT is € 595      (for customer in the European Union )

Price without VAT is € 500    /    595  USD (for customer outside the European Union, for example USA, Asia, South America, Africa, etc. )

VAT = Value Added Tax it is consumption tax in Europe, Japan and other countries

For example in Canada it is called: goods and services tax = GST

The transport cost is individual.

Shipping cost to EU countries is 27 euro

In other European countries is shipping cost between 25-55 euro .

We have few last pieces of booster in tool box.

Because this booster is send in bigger box its shipping cost is so much higher that is better to buy advanced version.

For this reasson we do not sell this booster unit outside of EU.

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