Price of Advance version

This compressor booster unit can be ordered from our company

Due to the stronger movement of the USD / EUR exchange rate, the USD price was adjusted.

Altaros Air Solutions s.r.o. on email .

Price include VAT is € 695 (for customer in the European Union )

Price without VAT is   695  USD (for customer outside the European Union, for example USA, Asia, South America, Africa, etc. )

VAT = Value Added Tax it is consumption tax in Europe, Japan and other countries

For example in Canada it is called: goods and services tax = GST

The transport cost is individual.

Shipping cost to EU countries is 27 euro

In other European countries is shipping cost between 25-55 euro .

Here is few others countries:

USA 67 EUR (82 USD) Fedex
Indonesie 130EUR (155 USD) National shipping service
Australie 130 EUR (155 USD) National shipping service
JAR 110EUR ( 130 USD) National shipping service
Brazil 110 EUR (132 USD) National shipping service

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