Example how fast will compressor purchase cost be back

Often purchase of compressors  is not just about shooter confort, it can be suitable investment with a quick return of your funds. By adjusting the input data in this example, you can calculate for yourself how quickly your purchase returns. Apart from purely a matter of finances you will also buy for yourself sense of independence and that is for many people priceless.
Data contained in this model were obtained from  one user In Czech Republic, for which I thank him. So this data correspond to this specific user, for another users it will be different because you  will have another price for filling,  another distances, another bottle volume,  etc., etc. Each person value own time diferently , so I used only a statistical average wages ( in Czech republic ).

Price for filling bottles in filling station: =  0,72 USD/l x 7l =5,04 USD+ extra charges when filling up 7l  1,4 USD =

6,44 USD/per 7 liter bottle

5,96 Euro/per 7 liter bottle
Filling station is at a distance around 23Km x2 =  46km x 0,156 USD/km ( the average price per kilometer )

Transport cost =7,2 USD

Transport cost =6,67 Euro

Time need to get to filling station 40min = 1h 20min + 10 min spend at filling station = 1,5h x Median of net wages = 735,72/month / 160h/month = 4,56 USD/ hour   approximately 4 USD per hour

Time spent 1,5 hour  = 6 USD

Time spent 1,5 hour  = 5,56 Euro
Total sum:
Price for filling is   6,44 USD /  5,96 euro

Transport cost  is   7,2 USD / 6,67 Euro

Time cost   6 USD  /  5,56 Euro


Total =      20 USD per bottle     18,5 Euro per bottle

Price for 7L bottle filling ( elektricity ) with Altaros 1,5 kW  x 4hour x 0,16 USD/kWh = almost 1 USD

Otto had filled his bottle of 7 liters on average 3 times a month and used hand pump when needed.

With our compressor currently fills around 6 bottles per month.

Return of purchase cost for Otto if he fill 3 time per month is:

20 USD /bottle  x 3 = 60 USD  – 3x 1USD (electricity for altaros compresssor) = 57 USD/month

Compressor cost is  639 USD / 57 = 11,21 month.

From example  is obvious that with performance of 3 filled bottles per month would be his purchase price for the compressor returned in less than one year.

If he fill 6 bottles per month like he do with compressor now then compressor cost would be back in half year.

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