Why to use Altaros compressor ?

Save your Time

Are you already tired of the long journey to a distant filling station? Waiting on your turn, waiting until is your bottle filled, or even need to leave your tanks overnight and  complete the journey again tomorrow? There is no more need for any of this with our Altaros compressor booster. Connecting bottle to compressor is matter of seconds and actual filling can be done without your presence.

Save your Money
Price for 7 liters filling bottles from 200 to 300 bar, with Altaros compressor is around 20 CZK/  1 USD ( in Czech Republic ) . On the contrary price when filling bottles at commercial filling station after including all the secondary costs can often rise to 250-500CZK / 10-20 USD . To the price for the actual bottle filling is often necessary to add up the cost of transportation to the filling station and also the cost of your time.  Model example comparing costs and return on the purchase of the compressor can be found here:  Example how fast will compressor purchase cost be back .

You are independent!
How many times has already happened to you that you were forced to interrupt the shooting, even though you was successful , or  could not tune the rifle, because pressure in airtank was down and filling station were closed? You will never have to experience this again with Altaros compressor. You can fill your scuba, airgun, or paintball tank  at any time and as often as you need. You do not have to restrict  yourself in the amount of shooting, tuning your rifles, or filling your airtubes on lower pressure  just because your scuba pressure is going down.

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