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Here is few forum links where you can find discussion and reviews about our Compressor booster.


Here is few review from our customers: Lot of these can be found on forums:

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Hans from Netherlands :

Last week, I became the proud owner on an Altaros Booster. And I am extremely pleased with it!
Altaros’ Customer Care/After Sales is also very pleasesant, direct and efficient.

Upon request they created an “alternative” set-up for only Euro 15,- extra. Let me explain…

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Christopher from United States :
I just wanted to send a quick update as well as describe my experience.  I received my new compressor booster approximately 5 months ago, after communicating with you all about the device, including ease of use as this is not something for which I am familiar.  I felt quite confident it was a great choice with your level of communication and response!

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Mike from United States:
I decided to order the booster after reading all of the positive feedback on the forums. The unit appeared to be well made and the price was very reasonable, also I already had a large compressor to drive it so it seemed like the right choice.
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Ian from Melbourne Australia:

Back in November last year, I was looking for an affordable way of filling my PCP airgun. I had grown tired of hand pumping and decided to keep my eyes out for a used SCBA bottle as second-hand 300 bar scuba tanks are as rare as rocking horse shit in this country. Anyhow, even having my own bottle, I would still need a way of filling it and there are no dive shops around here. Also, dive shops insist that the bottles are in test, which means you have to pay for an inspection every 12 months. Dive shops often will not fill while you wait, meaning you’ll have to make two trips.

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Stefan from Austria:

I use my Booster unit now for month to fill my 4 liter bottle from 220 to 300 bar. It works really great. I use it with an  big comressor (670 liter pro minute) and so it works really fast! It needs for this job about 30 minutes! Great product and really nice people working there. Hope they keep on going this way!

I also use an altaros regulator in my Air Arms S510 Extra FAC and the regulator works fine! I tuned it a little bit fo my uses but the factory setting was really good.

I fully recommend buying altaros products.

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