Follow the video instructions only after the defect has been consulted with our company employee.

Under no circumstances disassemble the compressor booster without prior consultation!!

Altaros Compressor booster in action:

Altaros Compressor Booster Unit Setting Output Presure:

Altaros Compressor Booster Unit Full test 7L

Altaros Compressor- How to set the airflow setting crew

Altaros Compressor- How to set the output pressure for auto shutdown

Altaros Compressor diagnostic test of compressor function

 Air leakage test in the high pressure side

Compressor cut

Disassembly of the Altaros compressor

How to clean HP cylinder and apply new grease

Boostering from one bottle to another

Can be used for inert gases (nitrogen, helium ), can not be used for pure oxygen.

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