Animated video how compressor booster work

Because we continually strive to improve as the booster compressor and also user awareness about Compressor  function ,  we partnered with Mekanizmalar and let him create this animation video, which should further clarify the principle and function of our booster compressor. I want to thank Mr. Seyhan Ersoy for very good handling on this animation video.

Link to this video can be found here:

Improvements and final price adjustment

With the new year also comes a slight increase in the price of $ 36.
The reasons for the price increase are as follows:
Added paintball coupling with a reduction male / male.

paintball-coupling pin-male-male







Inlet pressure pin can be unscrewed ( thread G ¼ ) and can be easily replaced. America, Europe, Australia each use  different filling pin. Plus there are a number of other filling pins standards.


Used high tech lubricant, which also greatly increase the life of the seal and parts.
Higher fees for export documents to third countries (non EU countries).
Surface finish for all parts is more expensive.

Christmas can cause delayed delivery+ Winter holiday

Winter is here and Christmas is coming. Delivery time can be much longer because postal services are overwhelmed and weather is unpredictable too. Keep in mind that goods is sent from Czech republic and any snow calamity on shipping route can prolong delivery.

We will have Christmas holiday from 23th. December to 2nd. January.

Wish you all Peaceful Christmas and great New Year .

A few adjustments for safe transportation

For reasons of increased safety against damage during transportation will be black bleed screw which is on the multifunction valve comes unscrewed and placed in a compartment on the lid of the compressor unit. Before the first start of the compressor simply screwed into the multifunction valve.

For the same reason it was also changed compressor unit input supply pin , which during transport is also located inside the lid of the compressor. When screwing on the compressor, do not use any tools. Screw him just using your fingers. At the bottom of the filling pin is o-ring to ensure a seal and It is not necessary to preload the threads. When using a wrench or pliers when tightening you could damage the moisture separator, so screwing filling pin only using your fingers!